» Finding Properties and Actions

When using programmable blocks, you can read and write certain properties and trigger actions of other blocks.  Unfortunately, because the interface for these involves passing strings around, you get no help with their names even when working in an IDE.

The official guide to programmable blocks lists actions and properties for various blocks, but hasn’t been kept up to date. So how do we get a proper list?

The first option is to use the GetActions or GetProperties methods on a block:

List<ITerminalAction> actions = new List<ITerminalAction>();
foreach (var action in actions)
    Echo(action.Id + " " + action.Name);
Screenshot from Space Engineers showing 'The Gallery' map
The Gallery.

This is a bit tedious though. Thankfully, someone has already done it for us. Over on the workshop is The Gallery. This map features one of every vanilla block, accompanied by an LCD panel that shows all of the available properties and actions for that block. The best part of this solution is that the screens in The Gallery will automatically update if actions or properties are changed, without anyone having to do any work.

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